About Us


New Asia Investments Pte Ltd is an experienced technology investor in Asia with a focus on med tech, clean tech (water and energy) and industrial innovations.

With economies in many Asian countries developing and maturing over the past decades, R&D and high tech innovation have become increasingly important to sustain and drive future economic growth. New Asia Investment’s focus sectors play a particularly important role within this trend, driven by other factors such as population growth, urbanization or ageing societies.

New Asia Investments’s own investment case is based on these developments. It targets to select the most promising innovations for investments that play a crucial role in these countries and sectors. Being active in Singapore since 2008, it is based in a strategic location to explore the opportunities in the growth countries of Asia.

As a Venture Capitalist investor, New Asia Investments has a very hands-on investment management approach and actively works with entrepreneurial and technical management teams in order to build a sustainable and successful business around an invention.

Being the group holding and mother company, New Asia Investments has the flexibility to invest either direct or through local / regional fund structures. This gives the company a highly flexible and opportunistic business model.

In Singapore, New Asia Investments Pte Ltd manages a separate Singapore-focused fund, in which Singapore government is a co-investor via National Research Foundation. Since 2009, the 22 million SGD fund has invested in five companies all headquartered in Singapore. With this strong reference, New Asia Investments targets to expand its business into other countries in Asia in the near term future.