Investment Strategy

New Asia Investments focuses on investments in high tech sectors: med tech, clean tech (in particular water) and industry. This strategy combines the belief that these sectors will benefit and drive economic development in Singapore and the region. As many Asian economies grew with amazing speed within the past decades, innovation becomes more and more important as the growth driver in the future.

While focusing on these sectors, the company invests via two divisions: Venture Capital and Technology Infrastructure. In the Venture Capital division, New Asia Investments invests into highly innovative companies against shares. In Technology Infrastructure, the focus is on projects that promise to deliver strong and stable cash flows.

The outstanding return potential of the higher risk and more cyclical Venture Capital investments combines very well with the more stable  and less cyclical cash flows from the Technology Infrastructure division. This gives New Asia Investments a highly unique investment case.

Being headquartered in Singapore, New Asia Investments is in the ideal location to benefit from these developments. Singapore is in a leading position in research and development and innovation in Asia. The country has spent extensive amounts of money to set up world class research facilities and to attract the best brains of the world to lead them. This gives New Asia Investments the opportunity to pick the best product innovations for investment. At the same time, the company is in close proximity to emerging markets such as Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines or China.

New Asia Investments has the flexibility to invest directly through its balance sheet or via separate and focused side funds.