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10/13/2014  |  Water startups slowly tap a glacial industry
New Asia Investments’ MINT and De.mem are mentioned as companies that are currently expanding beyond Singapore.
10/06/2014  |  A TV-discussion on Channel News Asia on water issues
with Adrian Yeo, CEO of DE.mem
01/15/2014  |  BioMers takes world’s first clear braces to Hong Kong
BioMers partners with publicly listed medical firm China Pioneer Pharma Holdings to distribute its clear braces product SimpliClear in Hong Kong.
Source: 1397 (KB)
08/09/2013  |  A TV-feature on BBC News
introduces New Asia Investments holding BioMers as Singapore’s medical risk taker and presents its world’s only completely clear braces system.
05/14/2013  |  NTU start-up runs Vietnam water treatment unit remotely
De.Mem Pte Ltd’s plant, the first of its kind in South-east Asia, occupies 120 square metres near Ho Chi Minh City, but churns out a million litres of drinking water a day.
05/13/2013  |  NTU start-up launches first overseas water treatment plant in Vietnam
The plant, a joint venture between De.Mem and Vietnam company GD Wasser, is backed by Singapore-based investment firm, New Asia Investments
05/13/2013  |  NTU builds its first overseas water treatment plant
A water treatment plant that requires just one person to operate it will supply cleaner and cheaper potable water in Vietnam at only two-thirds of current prices there.
06/21/2012  |  Big savings for water treatment plants
The Singapore daily newspaper, The Straits Times, about New Asia Investments-holding MINT, its unique sensor technology and its savings potential for the monitoring of water treatment plants.
06/21/2012  |  A better way to treat water
The Singapore newspaper Today reports about the Memshield technology of New Asia Investments-holding MINT.
05/2012  |  Promising outlook and abundant opportunity for Specialty Chemicals in Asia
The specialty chemicals market in Asia is riding high on evolving megatrends, stellar growth and abundant opportunities over the next few years. However, environmental concerns and evolving customer needs will force the industry to innovate even further with novel solutions
04/20/2012  |  Life Science companies and researchers steal the show at the 2012 Innovation & Enterprise Awards
Press release of National University of Singapore (NUS). One of the awardees: New Asia Investments-holding BioMers.
03/13/2012  |  Economist Intelligence Unit identifies Singapore as Asia’s most competitive city, ranks third globally
The Economist Intelligence Unit released its report “Hot Spots: Benchmarking global city competitiveness,” which identified Singapore as the 3rd most competitive global city and the highest ranked Asian city
Source: EDB 108 (KB)
03/2012  |  Singapore’s water sector earns its keep
The trade magazine on the water investment program of the Singapore government. One of the progressing start-ups described is Membrane Instruments and Technology (MINT).
01/08/2012  |  SimpliClear previewed on CBS Houston affiliate by orthodontists Dr. Heather Brown
You can watch the video