New Asia Investments invests in waste water plant completed by GD Wasser

  • GD Wasser completes another project in Vietnam which marks the company’s entry into the area of waste water treatment.
  • The new plant is located in Duc Hoa, Long An province, in the Mekong Delta near Ho Chi Minh City, and can clean up to 1,300 m2 waste water per day.
  • The investment for the plant was received by New Asia Investments Pte Ltd, a Singapore based technology investment fund.

Singapore –  January 6, 2014

New Asia Investments-portfolio holding GD Wasser announced today that the company has completed a new water treatment project in Vietnam. The project involved the upgrade of an existing waste water treatment facility at the Duc Hoa industrial park. The plant is now in the commissioning phase. The new waste water plant is located at Duc Hoa, Long An province, in the Mekong Delta near Ho Chi Minh City. It has a capacity of up to 1,300 m2 per day and has been built to clean the waste water of Duc Hoa industrial park before it is disposed into the Mekong river. The ugraded plant now uses state-of-the-art waste water treatment processes and equipment. The processes have been designed and optimized by the engineers of GD Wasser to achieve the best quality while remaining highly cost efficient. Having completed several initiatives in clean water generation, this project marks the entry of GD Wasser into the area of waste water treatment. The investment for the plant was provided by New Asia Investments Pte Ltd, a leading technology investment firm based in Singapore. The objective is to provide clean water under a BOO (build, own, operate) arrangement.

About GD Wasser GD Wasser is a joint venture between three companies: New Asia Investments Pte Ltd (30%), De.mem Pte Ltd (40%) and Glacier SG Pte Ltd (30%). GD Wasser operates mainly on a Build-Own-Operate (BOO) model for providing clean water to its municipal and industrial clients. This means that the company finances, designs, builds and operates decentralized water treatment plants. By taking charge of the entire process, GD Wasser keeps the cost per unit volume of water produced affordable for its clients. Focused on the emerging market of Vietnam. GD Wasser is based in both Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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About New Asia Investments New Asia Investments Pte Ltd was established in Singapore in 2012 with the goal to explore the growth markets of Asia, with a focus on med tech, clean tech (water and energy) and industrial innovations. Via its predecessor companies, it has been active in Singapore since 2008. As a venture capital investment company, New Asia Investments invests in young, up-and-coming technology companies which are approaching market launch or have innovative products already on the market. In Singapore, it invests as a partner of Singapore government via a separate side fund. New Asia Investments is led by an experienced management team while its shareholders include a number of strategic investors based in Asia, which support the company’s expansion actively through their network and experience. New Asia Investments holds 10% in De.Mem. The investment is made via New Asia Investment’s Singapore fund, in which Singapore government is a co-investor via the National Research Foundation. Since 2009, the 22 million SGD fund, managed from New Asia Investments, has invested in five companies all headquartered in Singapore. As for GD Wasser, New Asia Investments provides a loan facility to fund the initial water treatment plant projects. It also receives a 30% share in GD Wasser’s equity.

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About De.Mem De.Mem Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company that designs, builds and operates decentralized water treatment facilities targeting throughout South East Asian markets. Backed by Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore, as well as the Singapore Membrane Technology Centre (SMTC), De.Mem is able to deploy an extensive range of high-technological solutions to meet different and challenging water conditions. Before any design schematics can be done up, De.Mem carries out an in-depth study of the actual site, water quality of raw feed water and demographic. This enables De.Mem to produce the highest quality of potable water and most cost effective treatment plants that are in line with international standards. De.Mem is also in charge of the installation of advanced water quality and instrumentation systems that have been developed by her sister company Membrane Instruments and Technology Pte Ltd (MINT) Singapore, in newly built and operational water treatment plants. With these systems in place, De.Mem is able to monitor a cluster of plants real time and on-going, enabling optimization of energy usage for each individual plant from a central location. For more information on De.Mem:

About Mint Membrane Instruments and Technology  (“MINT”) is a Singapore based company founded in January 2009 as a spin off from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore’s leading technical university. It aims to be a technology leader in membrane process optimization through its value-added advisory services, and implementation of a suite of proprietary sensing, computing, and actuating system in membrane plants. MINT is the first specialist company of its kind to support the multi-billion dollar membrane industry. MINT is leveraging a range of innovative sensor products to control and monitor the efficiency and operations of water treatment plants. This enables the operators of such plants to prevent expensive unforeseen shut downs and optimize servicing of the plants, resulting in significant cost savings. Lead product currently on the market is the Membrane Integrity Sensor (“MIS”), which monitors the functionality of membranes in water plants by measuring water quality. For more information on Mint:

About Glacier Glacier SG Pte Ltd is a Singapore registered company operating in Vietnam. Through its extensive network and staunch contacts throughout Vietnam, Glacier SG Pte Ltd has been able to realize, negotiate and secure water projects that are relevant to GD Wasser’s specific requirements. Collaborating with New Asia Investments and De.mem, Glacier SG Pte Ltd has been able to successfully contract, fund, and provide the best technology available to complete its projects.

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