Singapore medical device company BioMers announces strategic tie-up in Europe

  • World’s only provider of the first completely clear braces, announces the successful national roll-out of SimpliClear® in the Spanish market
  • Partnership with Vitaldent, Europe’s largest dental chain, positions BioMers to establish leading presence in the European aesthetic orthodontic market           

Singapore – 26 June 2013 – BioMers Pte Ltd, a Singapore medical device company, announced today the successful completion of its flagship product’s – SimpliClear® – nationwide launch in Spain. The Spanish launch of the world’s first completely clear braces materialized in partnership with Vitaldent, Europe’s largest dental chain and one of the leading chains of clinics globally.

BioMers is a spin-off from the National University of Singapore and portfolio company of New Asia Investments, a Singapore-based venture capital firm. With the launch in Spain, BioMers is now offering SimpliClear® in all 380 clinics of Vitaldent throughout the country. The company has signed a five-year partnership agreement with Vitaldent and set up its European headquarters in Madrid, Spain.

Through these latest developments, BioMers is positioning itself to play a leading role as a major innovator in the growing aesthetic orthodontic segment in Europe, which represents one-third of the global orthodontic market.

The Spanish launch started with a pilot test in selected Vitaldent clinics and a series of training seminars and site visits performed by the BioMers’ local sales team to the networks clinics throughout the country.

A Vitaldent survey of patients fit with SimpliClear® resulted in 100% patient satisfaction in terms of performance results, aesthetic look and feel of the product, while all patients responded that they would recommend the product to a family member. In addition, an independent panel of expert doctors rated SimpliClear’s clinical outcomes as excellent.

“This overwhelmingly positive response for SimpliClear® from both doctors and patients is a strong validation of our product proposition and the effectiveness of our underlying technology which delivers the combined benefit of completely clear aesthetics and effective clinical performance.

The close collaboration with our partner Vitaldent has been instrumental in delivering such a positive result in Spain,“ said Mr. David Edwards, CEO BioMers.

SimpliClear® is a translucent braces solution based on a breakthrough in material science that combines the benefits of clear aesthetics and clinically effective performance across a broad range of treatment classifications – from simple to complex patient cases. The clear braces are made from a polymer composite material that was first developed at the National University of Singapore, and spun off to BioMers in 2005. Within the global orthodontics market, BioMers is the only provider to offer a clear archwire solution.

“Vitaldent is committed to continually provide the best possible dental care to our patients, and keeping up to date with the latest dental technology is key to this commitment.  SimpliClear® is one such technology. Unlike previous aesthetic solutions that have limited applicability, SimpliClear® can treat all types of cases. Now, patients who previously could not choose an aesthetic solution due to the complexity of their case have an available aesthetic option. SimpliClear® has enabled us to fill this unmet market need and we are very excited to offer SimpliClear® in all our clinics,” said Mr. Oscar Salamanca, CEO Vitaldent.

“We are delighted to see a technology that began its life within a laboratory at the National University of Singapore has now established an international presence. We are equally pleased to know that this same technology is also helping patients around the world, with their orthodontic treatment,” said Dr. Lily Chan, CEO of NUS Enterprise.

Moving forward, BioMers, is looking at establishing more industry partnerships as well as branching into new geographic territories, in order to bring SimpliClear’s next-generation orthodontic solution to the world.

For more information on SimpliClear, please refer to Annex 1 or to our online media kit, which includes patient testimonials and pictures:

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About BioMers : BioMers Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based medical device company that has developed novel polymer composite products for numerous biomedical applications. The company’s flagship product is the SimpliClear® braces system, which is the world’s first and only aesthetic solution for all types of orthodontic treatments. This translucent, almost invisible braces system is customized to each patient, providing faster and better results. Established in 2005, BioMers is a spin-off company from the National University of Singapore, where the technology was invented. BioMers has received seed funding from NUS Enterprise, venture capital funding from the Nanostart Singapore Early Stage Venture Fund, and grants from government agencies, including SPRING Singapore and the Economic Development Board. For more information,

About Vitaldent : Vitaldent is a company specializing in a broad range of dental services with close to 500 clinics in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Poland, making it the undisputed leader in the provision of dental health  in Europe. The Vitaldent clinics offer cutting edge dental treatments involving major technological developments in the sector and the latest generation of medical equipment.  Vitaldent’s emphasis on prevention and personalized attention translates into a brand name of dental services trusted by more than 6,000,000 patients. For more information,

About New Asia Investments : New Asia Investments Pte. Ltd. was established in Singapore in 2012 with the goal of exploring the growth markets of Asia. Via its predecessor company, it has been active since 2008. As one of the leading venture capital investment companies in Singapore, New Asia Investments invests in young, up-and-coming technology companies with exposure to Asian markets, which are approaching market launch or have innovative products already on the market. The focus is mainly on medical technologies, clean technologies (in particular water) and industrial innovations. In Singapore, the Singapore Government is a partner of and investor in New Asia Investments via a separate side fund – “NA Singapore Early-Stage Venture Fund I”. For more information, visit

About NUS Enterprise : NUS Enterprise is a University-level cluster that provides an enterprise dimension to NUS teaching and research involving the University’s students, staff and alumni. The functions of the Enterprise Cluster complement the academic cluster of the University to nurture talents with an entrepreneurial and global mindset. NUS Enterprise promotes the spirit of innovation and enterprise through Experiential Education, Industry Engagement & Partnerships and Entrepreneurship Support. For more information, visit

ANNEX 1 : About SimpliClear

A Next-Generation Orthodontic Solution:

                       The World’s First Completely Clear Braces

SimpliClear is the latest technological breakthrough in the field of orthodontics. It is the world’s first completely clear advanced braces system. SimpliClear delivers excellent clinical performance, capable of correcting even the most difficult patient cases.


SimpliClear braces on the right, compared with metallic braces on the left

SimpliClear has a number of advantages over traditional orthodontic solutions, including:

  • SimpliClear delivers programmable forces that provide optimized and targeted teeth movement – a first for the orthodontics field. This avoids the problem of undesired or unnecessary tooth movement resulting in efficient treatment time. The SimpliClear system applies the right amount of force, at the right time, providing patients with a more comfortable treatment experience.
  • SimpliClear’s appliance design process allows tailor-made solutions for the individual needs of each patient. This offers better control, precision and predictable treatment outcomes.
  • The translucent braces system is practically invisible, offering aesthetically-conscious patients an effective solution to meet their treatment needs for the first time in orthodontics.
  • SimpliClear is made up of a bio-compatible, non-allergenic polymer composite material. This allows patients with metal allergies to now correct their teeth misalignment. The patented technology to create SimpliClear’s translucent archwire is based on highly-advanced materials research, developed in one of the world’s most vibrant technology hubs – Singapore.